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Serving Those in Need Through Jesus


Av8or Charts is a Christian Aviation outreach that is committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ through the people it serves. Our purpose is scripturally aligned. With a clear Biblical mandate, we are committed to continuous and critical support of the families in need of travel support.

100% of all donations go to support those in need through Pilots for Christ International. PCI is a non-denominational, not-for-profit (Section 501(c)(3)) group of pilots and aviation enthusiasts (you do not have to be a pilot to belong) dedicated to the promotion of the gospel throughout the aviation community.

PCI is not a religion. We represent nearly every Christian denomination known. We accentuate those Christian principals we hold in common, while leaving any differences in the hands of our Heavenly Father. We respect the right of all persons to worship God in accordance with their conscience. The binding principals we hold in common are that we acknowledge Jesus Christ to be both true God and true man, that He died and rose again so that we might have eternal salvation, and accept Him as our personal Savior and Savior of the world.

We counsel and instruct youth groups about flying; fly missions of mercy, transporting medical patients, relatives and supplies; witness at air shows and in our daily lives; fly ministers to and from mission stations and foster Christian fellowship at regularly-held meetings. To further these ends, chapters are organized all over the world. All flying is done by volunteer pilots using whatever aircraft is available to them.

Please visit our national website at www.pilotsforchrist.org

If you would like to help Av8or Charts provide for this outreach, you can safely donate online with PayPal through the button below. Prior to making your much appreciated donation, please check out my blog article on the total cost of ownership for these free downloads. The article can be found at: Cost Analysis of Chart Sources. This article walks you through the total cost of ownership to get printed charts and is the basis for our recommended donation of $4.50 per chart. Thank you in advance for your generous support.

Recommended donation $4.50 per chart